Quantitative Research Definition- What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative Research Definition. What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative Research Definition

Quantitative research is the method of collecting and evaluating numerical data and generalizing the findings to get results. It is a significant research methodology in social science, also known as quantitative study, and it adopts statistical data and inferences to confirm or refute the research hypothesis.

The quantitative research method differs from qualitative research for its data collection and analysis process. The quantitative study focuses on estimating something based on quantity instead of quality. In contrast, qualitative research intends to get results based on the quality of something, and it also focuses on collecting and evaluating non-numerical data.

The quantitative study includes four types of research design such as descriptive, correlational, experimental, and quasi-experimental research methods.

Quantitative Research Definition By Authors 2022

Quantitative research is a systematic process of compiling and assessing numerical data to test the hypothesis and obtain the result of the study.

Types of Quantitative Research

The four types of quantitative research are Descriptive Research, Correlational Research, Quasi-experimental Research, and Experimental Research.

Types of Variables in Quantitative Research

The five types of variables in the quantitative study are Demographic, Independent, Dependent, Control, Extraneous, and Moderator Variables.

Quantitative Research Advantages

The six advantages of quantitative research are:

  1. Focuses on verifiable information
  2. Reach a higher sample size
  3. Collect data quickly
  4. Quantitative research is anonymous
  5. Conduct research remotely
  6. Offers repeatable information
Steps of Quantitative Research

The eight stages of quantitative research are:

  1. Review of Previous Research
  2. Statement of the Problem
  3. Define the purpose of the study
  4. Formulating Hypothesis and Variables
  5. Research Design
  6. Sample and Population
  7. Collect and analyze data
  8. Results and Discussion
The main parts of a quantitative research paper are
  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendices
  • Author notes
  • Footnotes
  • Tables
  • Figures